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Spread Axle Suspension

Hutchens Industries, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of leaf spring suspensions and sliding subframes for the Intermodal industry.

10 Year Wheel Ends

FROLLiant™: An affordable hub system with a worry free installation and the industry’s only 10 year warranty.

10 Year Brake Chambers and Slack Adjusters

FT-REX Sealed when it counts – Replaceable Pre-cut push rods –Stainless steel clevis pins – Superior corrosion protection.

10 Year Electric Harness & Lights

Fit with Phillips Uptime air and electrical package. Offering a limited lifetime warranty on lights and harnesses. Reset your ECU during federal inspection without moving your chassis.

7 Year BECU and Air Valves

The Bendix TABS-6 2S/1M System intelligently assigns braking power in every road condition with our Advanced Select Smart Control.

10 Year SAF Holland Landing Legs

Holland 55,000 lbs capacity, 2-speed 17″ travel, low profile sand shoe.

Top Level Components

We source our components from the best in the industry.

KTL Paint

Our KTL Paint Process is light years ahead of the competition.

Robotic Welding

The perfect weld job, on every chassis.

Longest-Lasting Chassis

Our chassis will last longer and move more loads.


Engineered to perfection. 


Carries one (1) 20′ or (1) 40′ ISO container
Meets all TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE and TTMA specifications

Overall Length: 40’ 6″ extended / 30’11″ retracted (Excluding rear bumper)
Overall Width: 96″
Fifth Wheel Height: 47″±1″
Rear Deck Height: 48″±1″
Kingpin Location: 24″ (From rear face of front bolster)
Axle Spread: 109″
Tandem Location: 54″ (From rear tandem center to rear face of rear bolster)
Tare Weight: 7,900 lbs (±3%)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 52,300 lbs for 20’container
72,800 lbs for 40’container


Material: High strength GR50 & GR80 steel.
Painting: E-coat primer (minimum 25μm) and Powder coating topcoat (minimum 75μm).
**10 years warranty**.
Color: Black.
Main Beam: W12 @ 22lb/ft hot-rolled H-beam.
Extension Beam: Fabricated 8-1/4″ x 5-1/4″ “H” beam with 3/8″ thick flanges
Locking Sys.: Two (2) air operated locking pins, activation of locking pins through third gladhand on
the front bolster.
Crossmember: Fabricated channel type not less than 3/16″ thick.
Upper Coupler: 5/16″ thick with 2″ dia. drain holes, reinforced by 1/4″ thick channel type kingpin supporters.
Holland 2″ AAR certificated kingpin.
Front Bolster: 6” wide x 10” high x 3/16” thick open section. Its rear web shall be tapered forward
at the top to provide a container gather in a stevedoring operation.
Center Bolster: 5-7/8″wide x 3/8″thick top plate with 5″wide x 5″deep x 5/16″thick “U” type bottom channel.
Rear Bolster: 8” wide x 3/8” thick top plate with 7” wide x 7” deep x 1/4” thick “U” type bottom channel.
Rear Bumper: 4″ x 4″ square type step bar supported by H type posts.
Locking device: Two (2) Buffers 1213 front locking pins on front bolster and two (2) Buffers 3843R on
middle bolster and two (2) Buffers1207 twist locks on rear bolster.

Landing Gear: Holland 55,000 lbs capacity,2-speed 17″ travel, low profile sand shoe.
Roadside crank handle.
Suspension: Holland 109″ axle spread mechanism suspension w/ spring 354-00.
Axles: Holland 5.75″ round axles with 23,000 lb beam rating, 71-1/2″ track, Stemco Pro-Torq Nut.
Abex 3030-197 brake lining, TSE 5.5″ automatic slack adjusters. 16-1/2″ x 7″ Q Brake.
Lubricant: SKF seal, Mobilith SHC 007 synthetic grease lubricant with metal hubcap.
Hub & Drum: 10 stud hub piloted hubs with outboard mounting cast steel drum.
Rims: Alcoa 22.5 x 8.25 hub-piloted aluminum rims.
Tires: Westlake, 295/75R22.5 tubeless, 14 ply, CR915.
Brake System: Bendix 2S/1M ABS brake system, spring brake priority.
Phillips 12-0081/12-0061 gladhand, TSE ULP 3030 2.5″ stroke brake chamber.
Electrical: Truck-Lite 12 volt LED lighting system with Phillips modular wiring harness with Lite-Sentry.
Connectors for GPS and PSI are available in the harness.
Theftproof design used for 4” LED lighting.
TIS: PSI tire inflation system, with LED indicator lamp. With Thermo-Alert.
MISC: CIMC standard marking, Conspicuity tape, Document holder,
24″ X 30″ Black rubber mud flap with CIE logo.