May 8th - 10th, 2018

The greatest minds in intermodal transportation

met in Manhattan Beach, CA to attend the CIMC Vehicle Annual Trailer Seminar hosted by CIMC Intermodal Equipment with the theme this year of One Team One Dream: Connectivity in the Era of Globalization. The event was Sponsored by CIMC Global Vehicle Division and co-hosted by Vanguard National Trailer USA, SDC Trailer, Marshall Lethlean, Vanguard National Parts, and LAG Trailers.

CIMC Vehicle began its legacy

of bringing employees, customers, suppliers and industrial leaders together from all over the globe in 2004 in Shenzhen, China with the hope that inspiration and wisdom could intersect and relationships could be built that would bring innovation.

Since that time,

the internet has changed the speed of life, and globalization has brought both infinite opportunities and huge challenges. Thus, this year’s seminar sought to discern the influence of new technologies and how improved connectivity must be utilized for continued growth and understanding of the intersecting roles of manufacturer, supplier and customer in order to continue to create revolutionary products that meet customers changing needs.

Speakers for the event included

David Li, general manager of CIMC Vehicle, Dave Manning, chairman of ATA, and Jeff Walker, CEO of CIMC Capital. Panel discussions covering topics of Embracing Technology as a Tool led by Frank Sonzala, president/CEO of CIMC Intermodal Equipment and Global Trailer Designs led by Charlie Mudd, president/CEO of Vanguard National Trailer were instrumental in delving further into the constantly evolving intermodal industry.

“It was an impressive event and I can truly say I am excited about CIMC Vehicles’ group strategy for the future. I cannot wait to see the kinds of innovation your federation will deliver to our industry in the coming years. Your focus on transparency, collaboration and technology are exactly what we need to drive our industry forward faster.”

Adrienne BaileyChairman, IANA and principal at Brooks Davis Consulting

One Team, One Dream

We’re growing, and with growth comes new connections, new people, and new experiences.

Watch the event video below.