Step 1: Needed Information

  • Your contact information, Company name, Your Name, Phone#, Email
  • Chassis VIN, Date of Manufacture

Step 2: Fill out our Warranty Claim Form.

  • Provide as much information as possible with photo’s including items listed in Step 1.
  • Someone on the warranty team will respond within 24 hours depending on the time of day you send the email.

An OPTIONAL way to Initiate Warranty is by calling our Warranty Team.

Mike Murray: 815-534-0058
Cary Liu: 323-605-1682

Why photos are important:

  • best way to evaluate the issue or concern
  • The best way we can illustrate the issue or concern to a component part manufacturer or our own manufacturing facility in an effort to constantly improve our internal practices.

Retain takeoff parts:

  • Most times photos will suffice however Electrical parts and air valves are more difficult to determine failure, we may ask to ship certain parts to  CIMC or possible the manufacturer to determine the cause of failure or if the component actually failed.


  • Anything involving an axle its best to obtain a photo of the AXLE tag. All axles typically have an identification tag. This allows us to know who manufactured the axle and possibly know other component attached to the axle such as Wheel seal, Bearings, Brake shoes, ECT.

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